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Welcome to the Junk Removals Group Ltd official website. Here is where our reputable clearance company in London presents itself at a full value. In addition to this, here is where you can find all of our available hassle-free and top-notched clearance services. We are a trustworthy company that has started as a small family-run business, but today can boast with more than 15 000 new happy customers per year. And 95% of them come to us for clearance help due to a recommendation by another customer! But let us tell you few things about us and then, about our services and what we do!

Our company is leader in the UK clearance industry

Even though not the oldest clearance company in the UK, we have been proclaimed as one of the big leaders in the sphere. We can thank our fantastic and talented staff for that, but not only. We have, though, enough experience in the field, too. Our budget-friendly clearance services in London have been offered for more than 10 years. Plus – we always approach the customer individually. Talking is always the fresh and good start for a deal to close! And we never close a deal, if the customer isn`t happy with all of the conditions and circumstances we promise. To guarantee the perfect final outcome we hire only well-trained, educated and skillful technicians. And to provide them necessary conditions to do their job in the best way, we equip them with the most modern tools and devices. Regular qualification for the technicians is arranged, so our clearance company can be up to date with the latest innovations. And all of the brand new and revolutionary methods for faster work and safer clearance are adopted by us at a full value!

We offer a wide range of clearance services in London

Not just your home place, but your working environment can happen to be loaded with annoying and unpleasant garbage. Such a mess can be also due to repairs and building process, before and after a removal, in a case of long-lasting property abandonment. Regardless the reason you are stuck with so much junk, we always have the right solution for you! Our aim for each arranged service is two-sided. At one hand, we do everything possible to make a customer satisfied with the clearance service in London he or she receives. To achieve that we are always flexible, fast and understanding. And our rates are competitive, fully conducted to the average salary in the UK. And, on the other hand, a clearance is always for the sake of nature, right? This is why the eco policy in the country is something we strictly obey.

Don`t bother to get more details about our company!

If you want to learn more about us and our contemporary clearance services London do not hesitate to reach us at any convenient for you time! You can get in touch with us via the online contact form. Or simply dial this phone number 020 3746 3095 to reach our polite and helpful consultants!