Garden Clearance

Garden Clearance

Service Overview

Everyone loves their backyard and few things beat a backyard party in the summer with friends and loved ones.

However, you can not do this in an overgrown, neglected garden, can you? No matter the season, that outdoor patch of land needs attention and care, including prompt and regular garden waste removal.

A few examples of garden waste are, flowers and grass cuttings, hedge trimmings and bushes, tree branches, logs, soil, grass, turf and backyard green waste. Garden waste can also incorporate pieces of outdoor furniture, sheds, ornaments such as pots and urns, or even food waste.

A lovely and secure garden requires routine care, and routine garden waste removal. Letting garden garbage pile up is not just unsightly, but dangerous too. It raises the risk of fires and offers fertile ground for rodents and insects to breed.

When you need a garden clearance, to get the garden back to its former glory, the specialists at Junk Removals Group can help.


Garden clearance involves clearing out the garden and can be part of regular garden maintenance. It generally involves disposing of garden refuse: loose branches, leaves, shrubs, twigs, soil, potted plants, cut grass, old pots, lawn mowers, dismantled sheds & greenhouses.