Junk Removal Bliss: Simple Tips to Maintain the Decluttered Space

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Junk Removal Bliss: Simple Tips to Maintain the Decluttered Space

The euphoria after a deep nice clean of your space… Well, sometimes it’s that simple.

But once you’ve gotten rid of all that unwanted junk… How can you keep that feeling as long as possible?

I have five tips here that will help you keep that post-junk-cleanup bliss for much longer!

Change Your Ways

The KEY to “staying” organized is to change your ways first.

Get into the ‘one in, one out’ habit- for every new item you add to your space, there’s something else that needs to leave.

And once you get really good at this, you’ll start to actually evaluate any potential items with an eye on their use and whether they spark joy even before you get them. 

Create a Daily Cleaning Routine

One thing I will say is that a clean space isn’t something you can just check off the list and never worry about again. It’s definitely something that takes upkeep and, dare I say, effort on your part. You need to have a daily cleaning routine in place so that involves small little tasks like dusting things around the house quickly after they get used often, tidying up the coffee table before bed or whatever else it may be.

I mean honestly even if you spend like 10-15 minutes doing these things each night it prevents piles from building up layer by layer only for them to become too overwhelming when you try to work through them later.

I know what you’re thinking…this decluttering shit is hard! That’s why you can get in touch with the pros at https://www.tinytinswastemanagement.com.au!

Invest in Multipurpose Furniture

Many pieces can be found that have multiple uses in one piece if storage is also a consideration. Ottomans with storage, under-bed shelves and coffee tables with storage come to mind.

Put Together an Organizational System

At the risk of sounding too much like Monica from Friends, I’ll say it:

You need a solid organization system in the house.

Every item needs to have its place. Now whether you do this with cute little labels, a dozen drawer dividers (Triple D?!) or clear containers for….everything; that’s all up to you.

The basic principle of a good organization system is that it:

  • Keeps everything in order
  • Makes it easier to clean the space
  • Is a no-brainer once you get used to it

Trust me: after a while it will become SO much harder to put stuff back where it doesn’t even belong!

Regularly Review Your Possessions

I get it, things pile up quick. That’s why you need to make it a habit to kind of “review” everything you own at somewhat regular intervals- whether that’s at the start of every season or when the year ends.

By doing this, you’ll have the ability to determine exactly what you still need, what can go in storage for later on usage, and also what can totally be done away with. Altogether, you’ll be able to use your area far more smartly!

Wrap Up

Just a little bit of discipline and, of course, commitment and you can get a clean space AND ACTUALLY KEEP IT!

I have to say it- there’s almost nothing in the world that feels quite as good as the feeling you get after making sure the space around you is squeaky clean with ZERO junk!

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