Get rid of unwanted furniture

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Get rid of unwanted furniture

Finding a way to remove unwanted settees or tables can be tough. One fact is that many places online let you sell or give away these items. This article will guide you through selling, donating, or disposing of those pieces of furniture easily.

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Key Takeaways

  • You can sell your old furniture on online platforms like Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, and Shpock where you take photos, list the items with descriptions, and set prices. This helps turn unused items into cash.
  • Donating to charity shops or using services like LoveJunk and Freegle gives furniture a new home while supporting good causes and reducing waste in landfills.
  • Retailer takeback schemes and council collection services offer efficient ways to dispose of unwanted pieces without contributing to environmental pollution.
  • Platforms such as Preloved focus on connecting sellers directly with buyers looking for second – hand furniture, promoting reuse over disposal.
  • Local charity shops often collect good quality furniture for free if it meets safety standards, aiding both decluttering efforts and charitable activities.

Selling Unwanted Furniture Online

An empty living room with old furniture ready for sale.

Turning your clutter into cash is simple with online platforms. List your old tables or sofas on sites like Facebook Marketplace, and watch offers come in from interested buyers.


Gumtree stands out as a top site for selling second hand furniture online. This platform offers detailed steps to help you list your pieces, from couches to dressing tables. You can give all sorts of items new homes, including electrical appliances like washing machines and refrigerators.

Whether you’re upgrading your living space or clearing out clutter, Gumtree makes it simple.

For those looking to clear space without selling, Gumtree provides a “freebies” section. Here, listing unwanted furniture is free. Tips for success include ensuring items are in good condition and taking clear photos.

Fast and polite responses to potential takers also matter a lot. With these strategies, giving away furniture becomes stress-free and efficient, helping reduce household waste through upcycling or recycling efforts.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace stands out as a preferred online platform to sell unwanted furniture. It guides sellers through each step, from listing items like couches and tables to finding buyers quickly.

Clear photos and detailed descriptions help attract potential purchasers. Sellers provide their contact details securely and discuss payment methods directly with buyers. This approach ensures a smooth selling process.

Interest groups on Facebook also serve as excellent spots for disposing of old pieces or even donating them. People find it easy to reach local communities interested in taking used items off their hands.

After exploring options on Facebook Marketplace, consider other avenues like Gumtree for further opportunities to sell your unwanted belongings.


Moving from the bustling marketplace of Facebook, Preloved offers another avenue for parting with unneeded chairs, tables, and bedroom furnishings. This platform stands out as a premier site for those aiming to sell their unused pieces directly to others seeking second-hand options.

With Preloved, sellers can easily list their items through a straightforward process that involves uploading photos and descriptions. This method helps connect buyers and sellers efficiently without cluttering landfills with more refuse.

Preloved guides users on how to safely exchange details such as communications and payments with potential buyers. Its focus on reusable domestic goods makes it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious individuals looking to reduce waste.

By choosing this route, you not only make some money back but also contribute positively by giving your furniture a new lease on life instead of contributing to fly tipping or illegal dumping issues.


Continuing from Preloved, another great option for selling unwanted furniture is Shpock. This platform makes it easy to list your items for sale. You just snap some photos, write a quick description, and set your price.

Buyers can find your furniture through the app and message you directly if they’re interested.

Shpock offers detailed guidance on how to sell effectively, covering everything from setting up your listing to secure payment options. It ensures that both sellers and buyers enjoy a smooth transaction.

Selling bedroom desks or upholstered chairs? Make sure they have fire labels attached as required by safety standards before listing them.

“Turning clutter into cash has never been easier – sell it on Shpock.”

Donating Unwanted Furniture

A person is loading unwanted furniture into a charity shop van.

Giving away your old furniture can help those in need and keep items out of landfills. Explore how to donate to shops that support good causes or use platforms that connect you with people who would treasure what you no longer need.


LoveJunk specialises in the removal and reuse of large items, making it a top choice for those needing free furniture collection. Users can easily list unwanted items like couches or wardrobes on LoveJunk with photos, attracting junk reusers and collectors who are interested.

This service provides a secure way to message these potential collectors directly.

For anyone with questions about arranging a free pick-up for their discarded pieces, LoveJunk offers support through an email at This makes getting rid of bulky waste like old beds or electrical appliances less stressful and more efficient.

The platform bridges the gap between individuals aiming to declutter their homes and charity shops looking for donations, ensuring upholstered items find new homes instead of ending up illegally dumped or in waste recycling centres.


Freecycle stands as a brilliant platform for those looking to clear out unwanted pieces, like upholstered furniture or electrical items, without adding to the rubbish heap. It connects people who want to donate furniture with others in dire need of it, all for free.

This way, quality preloved bedroom furniture and even freezers find new homes instead of ending up in waste disposal. The process is straightforward: post an advert on Freecycle detailing the item you’re giving away and wait for interested parties to contact you.

Make sure your description is clear and includes any necessary tags that might help people find your listing.

“One person’s trash is another’s treasure.”

Moving from one useful method of disposing of unwanted items to another, exploring local charity shops presents yet another avenue worth considering.


Freegle stands out as a top choice for people wanting to clear out old furnishings without hassle. It operates as a popular online platform where you can list your unwanted items for free.

This means, if you have chairs, tables, or sofas gathering dust at home, Freegle makes it easy to pass them on to someone in the local area who can make use of them. The process supports recycling and upcycling practices, helping reduce waste.

The site proves extremely user-friendly; simply post an advertisement with a photo and description of the furniture piece you’re giving away. Interested individuals in your community will then contact you through messenger services on the platform to arrange collection.

This system not only clears space in your home but also benefits those looking for furniture donations like the British Heart Foundation or families in need, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Local charity shops

Moving from giving away items for free on platforms like Freegle, local charity shops offer another fantastic avenue for disposing of your preloved furnishings. These organisations, including the British Heart Foundation, Sue Ryder, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Emmaus, and DEBRA, often provide free collection services for good quality furniture.

To donate upholstered pieces such as sofas and chairs to these shops, they must have their fire safety labels intact. This ensures that the items meet safety standards and can be recycled or upcycled by someone in need.

Donating to charity shops not only helps you clear out your home but also supports important charitable causes. Each piece of furniture given a new life through recycling or upcycling reduces waste removal needs and contributes to environmental conservation efforts.

So before you consider paying a fee for waste disposal or trying to sell online with potential counteroffers delaying the process,cpr think about reaching out to these charities first.

Your unwanted chair or table could greatly benefit someone else while helping reduce unnecessary waste in landfills – an easy win-win solution!

Disposal Services for Unwanted Furniture

Finding the right disposal services for unwanted furniture can be a game changer. Options like retailer takeback schemes and council collection services offer straightforward solutions.

Retailer Takeback Schemes

Retailer takeback schemes provide a smart solution for people looking to clear their homes of old furniture pieces like sofas, armchairs, and sofa beds. Various companies offer these programs to collect and divert items from becoming waste in landfills.

This option not only helps in keeping the environment cleaner but also saves you from potentially receiving a fixed penalty notice for improper disposal.

For instance, services such as Van It allow customers to pay based on how much space their unwanted furniture occupies in the van, starting at £75. Similarly, Skoup offers two flexible ways to rid yourself of unnecessary furnishings: Van It for direct collection and Skip It for larger clean-outs.

These cost-effective alternatives ensure you can easily dispose of your items without hassle or hefty fees.

Council Collection Services

Council collection services offer a bulky item pickup for household bits and bobs like chairs and tables. They might make you wait a few days to a few weeks to take away your unwanted furniture.

Keep in mind, they usually charge about £33 to collect something as big as a sofa. You need to put your items outside your house in a spot that stays dry. Also, they have rules on how many things they can take at one time.

Most councils only accept stuff from homes, not from places of work or businesses. Check their limits on how much furniture they can haul off for you.

“Getting rid of unwanted furniture? Your local council’s collection service might be just what you need.”


Clearing out unwanted tables and chairs or any other furniture need not be a headache. Many paths exist, from selling pieces online on platforms like Gumtree to giving them away through charities.

Each method helps you declutter efficiently while possibly aiding someone else. No matter the choice, action leads to less waste and more space in your home. Options abound for all types of furnishings, making disposal convenient and environmentally friendly.

For more information on safely disposing of hazardous materials, be sure to read our guide on disposing of asbestos roof sheets.


1. How can I sell furniture online?

You can list your unwanted furniture on various online marketplaces or dedicated platforms that specialise in buying and selling second-hand items.

2. What details should I include when selling my furniture online?

Include clear, high-quality photos of your furniture, a detailed description covering its condition and dimensions, and set a reasonable price to attract buyers.

3. Is it safe to sell furniture to strangers over the internet?

Yes, it’s generally safe but always exercise caution. Use trusted platforms, avoid sharing personal information unnecessarily, and consider secure payment options.

4. Can selling old furniture online be profitable?

Absolutely! Many people are looking for quality second-hand pieces, so with the right approach, you can make a good profit from selling your unwanted furniture online.

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