Scrap fridge freezer collection

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Scrap fridge freezer collection

Disposing of an old fridge freezer can be tricky. LoveJunk simplifies this process with their waste removal marketplace. This article will guide you through getting rid of your appliance easily and responsibly.

Keep reading to find out how.

Key Takeaways

  • LoveJunk offers a marketplace that simplifies the process of responsibly disposing of fridge freezers, ensuring 98% of them get recycled or reused.
  • Proper disposal prevents hazardous materials in old appliances from harming the environment and supports recycling efforts, conserving valuable resources.
  • Booking a collection with LoveJunk is easy; provide details about your fridge freezer online and select a quote from licensed waste carriers who guarantee responsible disposal.
  • Prices for the removal service depend on the size of the appliance, with larger items costing more but every collection adhering to eco-friendly standards.
  • Utilising services like LoveJunk or your local council’s bulky waste collection can ensure your old fridge freezer does not end up fly-tipped, promoting sustainability.

Importance of Responsible Fridge Freezer Disposal

An old fridge freezer being responsibly dismantled and recycled in a facility.

Proper disposal of fridge freezers is vital for our environment and safety. These items fall under waste electrical and electronic equipment, often containing hazardous materials like cooling agents and insulation foams that harm the planet if not handled correctly.

Each appliance has recyclable components, including metals and plastics, making responsible recycling a must to conserve resources.

“LoveJunk ensures 98% of old fridge freezers are recycled or reused.”

Keeping environmental sustainability in mind, it’s crucial to avoid fly-tipping domestic refrigerators. Fly-tipped appliances create physical dangers in communities and significantly damage natural habitats.

Services like LoveJunk lead by example, offering environmentally friendly solutions that align with proper waste management practices. Choosing such services supports waste recycling efforts and encourages a culture of reusing household items whenever possible.

Steps for Effective Fridge Freezer Collection and Disposal

An abandoned fridge in a peaceful natural setting.

To ensure your old fridge or freezer doesn’t end up harming the environment, follow clear steps for its collection and disposal. Book a professional service that specialises in handling domestic waste, prepare your device by emptying and defrosting it, then trust these experts to recycle it responsibly, keeping hazardous materials out of landfills.

Booking the Collection

Booking your fridge freezer collection is straightforward with platforms like LoveJunk. First, you create a listing for your old ice box. Describe it well so that collectors understand what they’re picking up.

Mention if it’s a top fridge or has hazardous components like batteries or tubing within its structure. This helps in preparing for safe removal.

Next, choose the best quote from licensed waste carriers who are ready to take on the job. LoveJunk partners with various organisations such as Checkatrade and Safe Contractor, ensuring reliable service.

The platform guarantees responsible disposal of domestic waste at permitted sites, preventing fly-tipping and promoting recycling. Payment happens online, making the process secure and convenient for everyone involved.

Removal Process

To start the removal process, snap a photo of your fridge and create an online listing. This simple act makes it easy for collection services like LoveJunk to understand what needs handling.

They commit to ethical disposal, ensuring items end up at proper sites and not dumped illegally. Prices vary depending on the size; for example, a large ice box might cost around £50 to recycle responsibly.

LoveJunk stands out by offering a responsible disposal guarantee. They promise that every fridge or freezer they collect goes to licensed facilities where it will be recycled righteously, avoiding hazardous waste issues.

Whether you’re clearing out a small cooler or a bulky double-door model, LoveJunk adapts their service to fit your needs, all while keeping shopping for disposal solutions hassle-free and eco-friendly.

Responsible Disposal

Responsible disposal of your old fridge freezer helps protect the environment. LoveJunk ensures 98% of these scrapped ice boxes get recycled or reused. This means almost all parts find a new life, avoiding landfill where they can harm nature.

Using services that focus on electrical recycling keeps harmful substances under control.

Choosing eco-friendly waste disposal options for household appliances shows care for our planet. It makes bulk rubbish removal efficient, compliant, and sustainable. Always opt for methods that promise high recycling rates to ensure your actions contribute positively to environmental health.

Options for Fridge Freezer Disposal

Exploring different paths for getting rid of your old fridge or freezer ensures you handle household waste responsibly and support recycling efforts.

Using a Reputable Collection and Recycling Service

Choosing a reputable collection and recycling service ensures your old fridge freezer gets recycled responsibly. Services like LoveJunk, backed by trusted partners such as Checkatrade, B&Q, and Safe contractor, offer peace of mind.

They promise no fly-tipping will happen with your item.

LoveJunk works closely with councils including New Forest Council, Solihull Council, and Brighton Hove. This support highlights their reliable process for handling household waste.

With LoveJunk, you can be confident knowing your appliance won’t harm the environment.

“Ensure a greener future by selecting a trustworthy disposal path for your fridge freezer.”

Utilising Council’s Bulky Waste Collection Service

After considering a professional collection and recycling service, exploring the council’s bulky waste collection option offers another viable path. Many local councils offer services specifically designed for larger items like old fridges and freezers.

These services are convenient because they come directly to your home to collect the item. Some councils might provide this service for free, while others may require a small fee.

To take advantage of this, simply contact your local council and enquire about their bulky item removal service. They’ll likely ask for details about the appliance you need collecting, such as its size and condition.

Following this, they will arrange a pickup date that suits you. This method not only ensures responsible recycling but also supports community waste management efforts effectively.


Disposing of old fridge freezers the right way keeps our planet safer. LoveJunk makes this process smooth and eco-friendly, providing a simple platform to find trusted waste collectors.

With their commitment to recycling or reusing 98% of collected items, they ensure fridges don’t harm the environment. Opting for responsible disposal through services like LoveJunk not only clears space at home but also supports sustainability efforts crucial for our future.

Choosing eco-conscious disposal methods becomes an easy part of household maintenance with these solutions.

For more information on disposing of other large household items, please read our guide on how to responsibly dispose of a mattress.


1. What is scrap fridge freezer collection?

Scrap fridge freezer collection involves picking up and recycling old or broken refrigerators and freezers, ensuring they’re disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

2. How can I arrange for a scrap fridge or freezer to be collected?

You can contact local recycling centres or council services that offer collection and recycling services for large electrical appliances like fridges and freezers.

3. Why should I recycle my old fridge or freezer?

Recycling your old appliance helps reduce harmful substances from entering the environment, conserves valuable materials, and reduces energy consumption in manufacturing processes.

4. Is there a cost to have my scrap fridge or freezer collected?

Some services might charge a fee for collection, while others may provide the service for free. It’s best to check with your local council or recycling service for specific details.

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