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Hippo bag alternative

Disposing of large waste can be a big challenge for many people. One popular solution is the Hippo Bag, known for its convenience. This article will explore alternatives that could suit different needs and budgets better.

Stay with us to find the best choice for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Tonne Bags with Smiley offer a strong and cheerful way to get rid of rubbish, holding up to 1750kg, making them perfect for almost any kind of waste.
  • The Big Skip Bag provides a massive space for disposing of up to 3m³ of waste, ideal for large projects at home or on construction sites.
  • Mini Bulk Bags are great for smaller renovations or garden clearances, allowing you to manage your waste efficiently without needing multiple trips to the dump.
  • Small Skip Bags with Smiley combine strength and ample space (up to 1750kg) in an eco – friendly option that suits many different types of waste.
  • While some companies sell bags like Hippo bags at lower costs but don’t offer collection services, others like Clearabee provide comprehensive solutions including quick nationwide pick-up.

Understanding Hippo Bags

A Hippo Bag filled with garbage in a tidy backyard.

Hippo Bags offer a flexible way to get rid of rubbish and bulky items from your home or work site. They serve as a handy alternative to traditional skips, allowing easy waste disposal without needing a skip permit for placement on the road.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Using hippo bags and their alternatives for waste removal brings both benefits and challenges. These skip bags are incredibly versatile, able to handle various types of rubbish including general, builders’, or DIY waste, as well as green waste.

They’re a boon for those without direct access to the road for regular skips or in need of a solution that doesn’t require a skip permit. Yet, these bags are single-use items. Once filled and collected, they can’t be used again which adds to environmental concerns.

A stitch in time saves nine.”

The market offers several options like 123BigBags with over 50 different models at low prices. However, this company does not provide collection services, leaving users to find another way to dispose of their filled bags.

On the brighter side, Clearabee’s skip bag service includes free next-day postage and boasts nationwide coverage for same or next business day collection complete with almost universal acceptance of waste types—a significant advantage for urgent clean-up projects or when dealing with hazardous materials legally and safely.

Alternatives to Hippo Bags

Various waste management solutions displayed in an industrial setting.

Exploring other options for bulk bags opens up a host of solutions that cater to various waste management needs beyond what Hippo Bags offer. Discover more about these alternatives and how they might better suit your project requirements.

Tonne Bag with Smiley (80x80x80cm)

The Tonne Bag with Smiley, measuring 80x80x80cm, stands out as a cheerful option for those in need of waste removal. Its size allows it to hold a significant amount of rubbish while the smiling face brings a bit of joy to an otherwise mundane task.

These bulk bags have become popular alternatives in the waste management sector due to their capacity and strength. With a Safe Working Load of 1750kg, they can handle nearly any type of non-hazardous waste you might want to discard.

123BigBags offers these tonne bags but does not provide pickup services, meaning users will need to find their own way of disposing of them once filled. On the other hand, companies like Clearabee offer similar services with nationwide collection coverage, ensuring your waste is handled responsibly and efficiently after you’ve filled up your bag.

Moving on from individual solutions like this opens up discussion about larger options such as the Big Skip Bag – 3m³ (245x125x80cm).

Big Skip Bag – 3m³ (245x125x80cm)

The Big Skip Bag is a giant among waste disposal solutions, measuring 245x125x80cm and holding up to 3m³ of rubbish. This makes it perfect for big projects at home or on construction sites.

It can handle a variety of waste types, from garden refuse to building debris. With a Safe Working Load of 1750kg, it’s tough enough for the heaviest tasks.

Choosing this skip bag means you get more space for your waste without worrying about overloading. Companies like 123BigBags offer these bags at competitive prices, making them an excellent alternative to traditional hippo bags.

This option cuts down the need for multiple trips to the dump or waiting around for lorries. It simplifies the process of getting rid of large amounts of waste efficiently and economically.

Mini Bulk Bag (1500kg – 65x65x65cm)

Moving from larger waste solutions, the Mini Bulk Bag introduces a compact yet robust option for efficient waste removal. This bag holds up to 1500kg and measures 65x65x65cm, making it an ideal choice for moderate home renovation or garden clearance projects.

Manufactured by 123BigBags, this product stands out for its versatility. The company takes pride in offering customisation options such as adjusting loop lengths to meet specific handling needs.

This economical solution provided by 123BigBags avoids collection fees, proving a cost-effective alternative within the waste removal marketplace. It suits those looking not just to save money but also seeking flexibility in managing their waste disposal tasks more efficiently.

While Clearabee.co.uk offers various skip bags for handling rubbish, they don’t specify products identical to the Mini Bulk Bag’s dimensions and capacity – highlighting its unique position among hippo bag alternatives.

Small Skip Bag with Smiley (180x90x70cm)

The Small Skip Bag with Smiley, sized at 180x90x70cm, comes from the trusted house of 123BigBags. Its design suits a wide range of waste types. With a robust structure, it can safely hold up to 1750kg.

This makes it perfect for those in need of clearing out heavy or bulky items. The bag’s size ensures that you have ample space for disposal, making your cleanup efforts more manageable.

Opting for this skip bag brings an eco-friendly solution to your doorstep. The product highlights the company’s commitment to recycling and offering legally-binding options for waste management.

Choosing this alternative not only aids in efficiently removing unwanted materials but also supports environmental sustainability practices championed by firms like Wickes and others in the industry.

Whether renovating your home or tidying up a construction site, this small yet mighty skip bag offers both convenience and reliability for all your disposal needs.

Comparison: Hippo Bags and Alternatives

Weighing the options between Hippo Bags and their alternatives reveals differences in cost and how quickly companies can pick them up. Each option has its own set of weight limits, showing that one size does not fit all when it comes to waste removal solutions.


Understanding the price of waste removal is important. Hippo Bags can be an expensive option; for example, a MIDIBAG costs at least £134.99 with collection, while just the bag itself starts from £12.49.

Opting for larger sizes like MEGABAG or HIPPOSKIP sees prices rising to £164.99 and £249.99 respectively, including collection services.

Exploring alternatives could save money without compromising on quality or convenience. 123BigBags sells over 50 different types of bags at lower prices but doesn’t collect them after use, offering flexibility in cost management albeit requiring an additional step to remove waste yourself.

On the other hand, Clearabee’s skip bags come with free next-day postage and promise nationwide collection as soon as the same or next business day – a quick solution that might justify their price if immediate removal is prioritised.

It’s all about balancing expense against your specific needs for disposing of recycled materials efficiently.

Collection Speed

Collection speed stands out as a significant factor for people needing quick waste removal services. Clearabee skip bags lead the way with their offer of free next day postage and nationwide coverage for same or next business day pickup.

This rapid service ensures that your waste doesn’t sit around, becoming an eyesore or hazard.

Skip bags from Business Waste also promise swift delivery, typically within one working day, making them another excellent choice for speedy waste disposal. These options allow you to efficiently manage waste removal without any unnecessary delays, keeping your project on track.

Now, let’s move onto weight restrictions and see how they impact your choice of bag.

Weight Restrictions

After considering how quickly you can get waste removed with different services, it’s crucial to think about how much waste each option allows. HIPPOBAGs and skip bags come with specific weight limits that you must not exceed.

For instance, HIPPOBAGs can support up to 1 tonne for their smallest size and go up to 1.5 tonnes for larger sizes. This means when picking a bag, you need to estimate your waste’s weight beforehand.

Skip bags offer more variety in size and thus, capacity. These alternatives range from holding smaller amounts of rubbish suitable for minor home decluttering projects, all the way up to handling heftier loads perfect for bigger renovations or garden clear-outs.

Remembering that soil and rubble are pretty heavy materials is key; ensure they don’t push your chosen bag over its limit.

“Measure twice, cut once – the same goes for choosing the right waste removal solution based on weight restrictions.”


Exploring alternatives to Hippo bags opens up a world of options for waste removal. Companies like 123BigBags and Clearabee present choices that fit different needs, from smaller projects to large clean-ups.

With over 50 models on offer, finding the right bag becomes easier. These companies also ensure quick waste collection without you having to worry about pick-up arrangements. Making an informed decision means weighing factors such as cost, speed of service, and what you can toss out.

Choosing between Hippo bags and their alternatives comes down to what works best for your situation.

For those looking to dispose of larger items such as fridge freezers, our scrap fridge freezer collection service offers an efficient and eco-friendly solution.


[Article 3 Title]: Hippo Bag Alternative

1. What can I use instead of a hippo bag for large waste disposal?

You can rent a skip bin for large amounts of waste.

2. Are there eco-friendly alternatives to hippo bags?

Yes, reusable waste sacks made from recycled materials serve as an eco-friendly option.

3. Can I find a cheaper alternative to hippo bags for garden waste?

Council-provided garden waste bins often offer a cost-effective solution.

4. Is there a more durable alternative to hippo bags for construction debris?

Metal dumpsters are more durable and suitable for heavy construction debris.

5. Can I use something else instead of a hippo bag for home renovation projects?

Hiring a local man-with-a-van service can be an efficient choice for home renovation waste removal.

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